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I’m Leah, your passionate birth coach and a wife, mother of four, teacher, speaker, and writer. My life’s mission is to empower women to design and embrace birth experiences that are as unique and beautiful as they are. My journey into this sacred space began with my own four incredible birthing experiences, each one teaching me the profound impact of informed, intentional birth preparation.

My faith deeply roots and guides me, fuelling my dedication to empowering women not only in the birthing room but in every aspect of life. I believe that everyone has the power to consciously design the lives they desire.  I am grateful to be able to have this kind of life filled with cherished moments with my family – from working out with my husband to meeting new faces and hearing their birth stories. Our days often wind down with outdoor activities in the sunny climes of Arizona, whether it’s a bike ride, a family meal, or relaxing poolside with friends.

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At Brave Birthing, you’re not just finding information; you’re joining a community that celebrates every woman’s journey to motherhood. Whether you’re seeking guidance, inspiration, or just a listening ear, you’re in the right place. Together, we’re re-imagining birth experiences, one story at a time.